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At the PREDiCT: Autoimmune Modeling Summit we have taken the unique approach of focusing on the mechanistic drivers of disease pathology. We will cover cellular targets and novel therapeutic pathways across lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease.

Through this 3-day summit we will bring together industry and academic expertise to improve the preclinical outcome of your therapeutic pipeline.


What Will You Learn?


  • Target-driven open discussion showcasing the benefits of utilising various cell types and pathways to drive our understanding of autoimmune disease pathology.
  • How successful clinical candidate insight can improve in vivo outcomes to drive translation of your preclinical pipeline.
  • Utilise evidence from population studies to validate genetic targeting of disease-specific pathways.
  • Apply industry insight to uncover the unique molecular profile of novel candidates to enhance the treatment of autoimmune diseases for end users.

Download our agenda here for more information into case studies and speaker line up.


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